Classic choices for DIY weddings

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It is always very difficult to make a choice when it comes to a wedding dress.

Does it have to be modern? Should it be designer’s dress which is very expensive? Should it be unique? Well, the main thing it should suite YOU!

There might be other women who look nice in the dress, but it may not be the one for you. What I can say for sure – it is hard to go wrong with CLASSIC style.

It is hard to beleive but this wedding dress will be TAILORED TO YOUR SIZE, delivered FREE and COSTS UNDER 100 pounds.


This dress will be custom made for you according to you send the measurement size. Tailored dress price will be the same as the standard price. You also have a choice of different colours. Priced under 100 pounds .


Padded Enough For "No Bra" Option. Chiffon and lace, fully lined, no stretch Center back zipper. When you are choosing brides maids outfit try to make your bridesmaids happy but do not overshadow the brides wedding dress. Colour choice here is vital. The beautiful attractive dress can look stunning but it should clearly provide the background of the event only and should not dominate over the bride. Priced under 70 pounds.

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